Young Mom & Kids

How the Lord works! Last night on the bus was great. We began heading down 11th St. We noticed a young mom and her three children at the bus stop. We asked them if they needed a ride. She informed us that the bus failed to show up. They came aboard and rode with us all evening. Once again we encountered another bus stop where the gentleman told us the same thing. We gave him a ride as well. As we drove one of our ladies ministered to the mom and her three children. One of the children would Translate. It turns out they are from Afghanistan. They are refugees. She arrived here last August. Her husband arrived here two weeks ago with their third child. They are in desperate need of the basic necessities . They stay in a one bedroom apartment In downtown Tulsa. The husband texted us last night. He wanted to just thank us. He also expressed that they have some necessities that they need. We have reached out to him this morning to make that happen. That is what it is all about. So Thankful! Being the CHURCH! In early biblical times there was no government assistance. The CHURCH stepped up and served people. The CHURCH Took care of people. They took care of widows and orphans. The Lord Commanded us to do so. HE has equipped us to be THE CHURCH! People are in need. We take nothing with us when our lives end here. Serve PEOPLE. LOVE PEOPLE. SHARE the GOOD NEWS of JESUS. People are searching for HOPE. A TRUE HOPE that is found in JESUS. Romans 10:9!! HE lived it out while on earth! HE loved people! HE is still saving people today! HE is faithful.  He uses sinners to do his work. That is humbling . 

Bless you