Going to a Celebrate Recovery

Great night on the bus last night. We met a gentleman named Tyrone. He is 33 years old. He is Saved. He was on his way to get food and then going to a Celebrate Recovery meeting. We spent lots of time talking with him. He got quite emotional when we gave him a hygiene bag, a Bible, and a whole pizza. He wanted a hug! He explained he used zero drugs in his life until 8 months ago.. “then the he took his first hit of meth and the drugs owned him”. He now has 3 months clean!  He is a welder and had a few job interviews and welding tests scheduled for today. He held his last welding job for 14 years. He was excited for the new opportunities. He called us @ 4pm today…He passed both welding tests, and received 3 job offers !! That is how the Lord works! We met many other new faces last night on the bus. We were able to give a few people rides. They were very thankful. The Lord continues to show his face every week out on the bus. HIS  GRACE is sufficient in our weakness. HE continues to provide for the ministry every week! Oh one more thing! Reyna (lady from last week) Lord willing will be getting new teeth soon! All the Lord! HE gets the Glory ! HE is faithful!