Walking Through the Parking Lot

How the Lord works! Last night on the bus was incredible. Before the night began we picked up the bus from the Church. We store it up there now. There was a young man (Brian) walking through the parking lot and we reached out to him. He comes from a broken home. His life has been quite troubled. He is barely 18 years old. He just got out of the Tulsa Boys home. He lives with his older brother behind the church. So we began to have a conversation about life and this was followed by him joining us on the bus for the evening! He rode with us all night as we ministered to folks on the streets. He was just watching the night unfold. The night was eventful. We picked up a few people and gave them rides. On our way home we encountered a pedestrian who had just been hit by a truck. He did not survive. Sad deal. We headed back to our drop off destination and unloaded all of our team to end the evening. Yet, the night was not over. The Lord was working on Brian’s heart. The Gospel was shared with him all the way back to the Church. The conversation continued after the bus was parked. Brian was listening intently. He was weeping. He knows his life needs change. A change that he is incapable of doing. He struggles with addiction. His life has had many twists and turns. He has been through so much at a young age. He is in desperate need of the redeemer named Jesus. Jesus will take residence in his heart, and make him a new Creation. HE will produce a change that Brian is incapable of doing! Please pray for Brian to make the greatest decision of his life. He is close.. very close. The enemy will lose his grip on his life soon. Please pray that he surrenders to the Lord in saving faith soon. Just as the gentleman who was hit Last night, none of us know when our time on earth is going to end. It is appointed for man to die once, and after that comes judgment (Hebrews 9:27). Please pray for Brian as well as all the others we encountered! The Lord will do the miraculous in saving faith. HE REDEEMS the lost! HE sets the captives free!