A Lot of People

Incredible night on the bus. We were joined by Rose. Rose and her husband were previously homeless. We ministered to them for years on the streets. They are now three years sober. They both have jobs, cars, and housing. The Lord is so faithful. We were also joined by a few members of another local church (Action). The Lord sent many people to us to minister to. There were lots of people out on the streets. We met up with Kiera; we have ministered to her in the past numerous times. She is now pregnant. She is considering going into a program to help her with life. Please pray for her to follow through with that decision. She desperately needs to rely on Jesus and not herself. Her track record is not good. HIS track record is perfect. The Lord continues to send just the right people in his perfect timing every week. HE is so faithful. Please pray for all of the people we ministered to last night. There are so many people in need in Tulsa. There are so many people who need the HOPE of Jesus Christ. HE redeems and SETS FREE from the bondage of sin. Getoutofthebus.org