Giving Rides

Last night on the bus was great. Sebastian brought his friend Tyler and they rode with us all night. We were also joined by a pastor from a church in the area where we do ministry. This church is the one that (Jon) was saved at 20 years ago (Christview Christian Church). It is Crazy how God works! We hit the streets and met lots of new people. Many people were walking home from Work and we were able to give them rides. The Lord always sends just the right people in HIS perfect timing. We met a young lady who had just donated plasma and was hungry. She was thankful for the prayer and even reached out to us in Facebook to express thanks. We do this for HIS glory not for ours. We are nothing without Christ. Our works are like filthy rags. HIS Grace is sufficient in our weakness. We met many others last night whom we were able to feed physically and more important spiritually. Please continue to pray for Sebastian to be saved. The Lord will do a mighty work in his life one day. It is going to happen. Please Pray for all the other ones we encountered last night. Thankful for all who joined us last night. Thankful for all who donated funds this past week. Thankful for all who donated coats and Bibles! Thankful for those who are diligent in praying for this ministry! Bless you!