Heart Wrenching

Last night on the bus was heart wrenching. We got started a little earlier than normal. We met up with Christy, Mike, and another gentleman. They have been on the bus with us before. Christy was excited to tell us that she has one week of sobriety off methamphetamines. Mike was excited to tell us that he now has his own apartment and he has a full-time job at Dollar General. The power of prayer! There were others that we met for the first time on the streets. Yet, the saddest situation we encountered was Elizabeth. She is 25 years old and been on meth since she was 13.  She was accompanied by Deon and “jojo” whom she just met yesterday. They were meth users as well. We gave them a ride to a apartment complex where her “uncle” lives. We pray that Elizabeth is ok. These women on the streets are so vulnerable. It is extremely dangerous on the streets for them. We did not have any women serving with us last night, so we couldn’t do what we normally do in these situations. However, Elizabeth stood there and literally wept when we discussed how sin destroys lives. She has a 4 year old daughter. She talked about the poor choices she has made.  She said she was saved as a teenager. She explained how she has been on the roller coaster of addiction nearly her whole life. We gave her our phone number. Please pray for her to call us. Please pray for them. Pray for all the women out there on the streets. Pray for their protection. Pray for them to be rescued from the dominion of darkness. It is not uncommon for them to be taken and never to be seen again. Sad deal. Be intentional. It can save someone’s life.