Salvation this Morning

How the Lord works! Last night started off slow..not many people out. Yet, the Lord had a plan. We met lots of new faces where we traveled. These people were hungry physically and spiritually. There was Richard who simply wanted to get back home to Dallas. He has been on the streets on and off since March. We will talk about him later. There were married couples on the streets. One couple has lost 4 children to DHS . Their drug use has taken a toll on them physically, mentally, and spiritually. We gave them options on different paths for their lives. We ended the night meeting a gentleman by the name of Cory. He was a guy who is basically Homeless, He has very little possessions. He gets on the bus and offers all of us fudgesicles! They were delicious! We shared the Gospel with him and he wants to do lunch sometime to discuss it further. He was a very nice guy. People with the least always seem to be generous the most. This was Mark 12:42 on display right before our eyes! Wow! I mentioned earlier that we would discuss Richard. Well Richard called early this Morning stating that he was at the Greyhound station. We rarely ever take someone off the streets on a Thursday night. We want to make sure that they are ready. We want to make sure that it is genuine. We want to make sure that they are serious about getting their life in order. We Had discussed with Richard that if he would simply call us, we would get him a greyhound bus ticket back to Dallas. Well not only did he get a Greyhound bus ticket (for a 10:30 am bus ride home).. he got something that cannot be bought, earned,  or born into. HE got the gift of salvation this morning at 9:45 in a Greyhound Bus parking lot in downtown Tulsa. That’s the God we worship. HE is still saving sinners everyday. Thankful for all donate to allow this ministry to function. Thankful for all who come out to serve with us weekly. Thankful for Jesus, the author and perfectly of our faith. We are nothing without HIS DIVINE GRACE saving us. Our works are like filthy rags when they are done for our credit/glory. Jesus gets all the glory!