PB&J’s, Bibles, & Salvation

How HE works!! We were able to take out the Double decker bus last night. The weather was beautiful. The bus ran great! We started the night by giving away 30 boxes of PB@J to numerous ministries and a daycare. We met so many folks walking the streets. Randy found us and was very emotional. We met him and his family 3 weeks ago at QT while filling up the Bus. He had a house fire 2 weeks ago and nearly lost everything. Their dogs awoke them when the fire started, sadly the dogs did not make it out in time. We are getting them set up with clothing. He was so thankful. He literally called his daughter crying in front of us. Next we met a guy on a bicycle (Phillip). He came aboard and our people began to minister to him. He surrendered his life to Jesus in saving faith!!! Powerful! We met so many others last night. So many heard the Gospel. So many were fed. So many were prayed for. Lots of bibles were handed out! The night got even better! We met a lady who wants to put her baby up for adoption ! She realizes that her life is self destructing and she cannot raise a child! She will be in contact with one of our ladies to make this happen. The night ended with a lady who had a flat tire. She got our last pizza. Yet, she got much greater than physical nourishment! She gave her life to Jesus right there in front of Churches Chicken.. True story! Thankful for all the guests who joined us last night! Thankful for the gentleman who bought our pizzas and filled up the bus with Diesel! Thankful for all who consistently pray for the ministry! Please pray for all of those we encountered tonight! The Lord REIGNS! HE IS MIGHTY TO SAVE! Getoutofthebus.org