20 Years Ago

Last night was eventful! We immediately picked up a gentleman named David. He recognized a guy serving with us on the bus. They were in prison together 20 years ago! Crazy! David has three weeks of sobriety under his belt. It was awesome to spend time with him encouraging him. His Daughter drowned three years ago at the age of 21. She left behind two kids. He has had a rough few years. He was so thankful for the prayer, bible, shoes, coat, and sleeping bag. We had his exact shoe size! We met so many others on the streets. We found a gentleman who was sleeping on the couch under a semi. He was in rough shape. We were able to feed so many people walking by at 11th and Lewis. The bus broke down And the Lord worked it all out. We were able to get an Uber to get David to his cousins house. The Uber driver loved Jesus as well. She was very thankful to give him a ride. We are in this life together! Our mechanic  got the bus running and back to storage. We will work on getting it repaired this week. The Lord is so faithful! Don’t forget we have our annual turkey drive coming up in about 3 1/2 weeks.. We need turkeys. We need lots of turkeys. Did I mention turkeys? The Lord Will use a turkey to minister to someone. Including us. That’s humbling!