A Ride Home

Thankful for the rain last night on the bus. The Lord opened many doors to give people rides home. There were numerous people out walking. We picked up a guy who was pushing his lawnmower home after a days worth of a work. He has 6 months clean off Meth, and is doing well. We were able to minister to lots of people at his residence. There were so many other opportunities to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Lord is working on so many people. We met up with Kevin whom we have been ministering to for years. He says he wants to get into a program. He has to take the leap of faith to make that choice. Yet, what stood out the most was this gentleman (John). We picked him up in the rain. He was walking home from his sons football game. His son is the quarterback. It was the first time his son had started in that position. John is estranged from his wife. He has been married for 23 years. He had a job making 80k a year, and was laid off along with 150 others. He has some heart issues now. He is trying to get life back in order. He explained that he was not going to miss his sons football game and walked there!! About a 2 -3 mile walk one way! This sounds just like our Heavenly Father, who comes to us regardless off what it takes. Regardless of the storms in life, HE is present! HE promises us to never leave or forsake us! He is so faithful! Thankful for this bus that was donated to us! It is such a blessing! We would not of been able to go out last night in the other bus due to the weather. It is such a blessing! Thankful to those who donate to this ministry! Thankful for those who pray for us weekly! The Lord Reigns! Bless you!