God is at Work

Great night on the bus. It started out very slow. The weather was beautiful yet not many people were out. We met lots of kids though, and they were thankful for pizza. We met a lady who has court today and we were able to give her a presentable wardrobe. Yet, what stands out the most was who joined us. We had a lady who was saved on the bus about 3 months ago. Her Life has taken lots of twists and turns since that evening. Yet, she chose to go out with us. She has been sober for 1 week. She has left her abusive husband. She has a place to stay without drugs being around her 24/7. She starts a new job today. She has been attending celebrate recovery meetings. We were able to pray over her. It was incredible. Please pray for her. She has a long road of ahead of her. Yet, the Lord is faithful. HIS GRACE is sufficient in our weakness. Thankful for all who donate clothing, and resources every week to make this happen. HE REIGNS. Bless you!