Gave Her Life to Christ

How the Lord works!! Eve gave her life to Christ last night!! She was out on on the streets with her two sisters. She has 2 kids (20,2)..She has had a rough life. Her mom passed away of cancer about 5 years ago and she was the glue that held the family together. She felt alone and that she doesn’t matter. One of our ladies began to pour into her. She spoke about Gods love for her and how important she is to Christ. She explained that Christ died for her sins. Eve confessed her sin to Christ last night and asked HIM to save her ! That is Jesus! HE is in the heart transformation business! Please pray for her! She was given our information. Please pray that she follows through in contacting us. We also met up with Rex. We have ministered to him in the past. His life has gotten much more dark over the past few months. He is basically skin and bones. He is probably 115 pounds. He looks like he’s getting ready to die. The Meth is killing him. He requested help. We are working on getting him into a program today. The Lord is moving. He has already called us numerous times today. The Lord is moving in so many lives right now. Caleb is interviewing for his own place tomorrow. He will be out of a tent soon! He is now working two jobs. Please pray that he gets into this house with the room for rent. We want the Lord‘s will. HE knows best! We also have another gentleman (Matt) who has been in a program now for 11 days! He is doing Great ! He is 11 days sober! He is being discipled! The Lord is working! Please pray for all these mentioned and not mentioned. The Lord will rescue from the dominion of darkness. We  are so thankful for HIS GRACE and MERCY!  We are so thankful for the gift of salvation. We are so thankful that Eve made the greatest decision of her life last night. Please pray for her as well. HE has risen ! HE SAVES!