New Faces

How the Lord works ! Last night was great. We were rolling in the (newer) bus with hot heat! So thankful! We met lots of new faces! Elijah,Antonio, Luis, Ed and Jalisa are just a few of the names. Each one of these people has a unique story. It was not by coincidence that we met them! It was God Ordained! Elijah rode with us for the evening. He had hurt his ankle on his bicycle. We were able to give him a ride home. He is 19 years old, and training to be a mechanic. He is a believer in Jesus! He was very thankful for the ride, pizza, and prayer. Another one that definitely stood out was Luis! He was on his skateboard headed to the store. He lives with his girlfriend and her two children. He in his words “feels empty and lost”.  He us searching for HOPE. Well last night TRUE HOPE was shared with him in the form of the GOSPEL! He was quite emotional as this was shared with him. He is close to making the greatest surrender of his life. Please pray for him as well as all of the others! The LORD SAVES. We are in desperate need of HIS GRACE AND MERCY! We look forward to following up with all these folks in the coming weeks! The Lord is faithful ! Nothing happens by chance. HE gets all the glory for the evening.!